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    The INTREPIDE earrings are a jewel of technology. They are made by an assembly of high definition techniques: 3D printing and handmade by our excellent craftsmen from Marseille. The design of these earrings offers you three different ways to wear them.



    The front of the earring reveals a pyramid with a square base. 
    It can be transformed into a new earring with a simple gesture by a rotating system shaped by our expert craftsmen. Diamond or square, the choice is yours.

    It can be joined with the loop underneath to give it a more imposing character. The pyramidal back of the buckle highlights the back of a neck or a raised hairstyle, while keeping its Rock style.


    This buckle imposes its simple elegance, and offers a singular character to anyone who wears it. It makes you INTRESTED.


    This buckle is available in SILVER, 5 micron gold Vermeil or Gold* (white or yellow) *on order only.